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The product

100% standoff Shoe Screening as passengers walk by
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Delta R

Our starting point

Shoe screening today is inconvenient and slow

Taking off shoes for proper Shoe Explosive Detection (SED) screening is a time-consuming process that often ends with a bad passenger experience. The growing numbers of passengers at airports and ever-increasing legislation will make these problems even bigger. A new method is needed to cope with this growing security challenge. The Delta R Shoe Scanner detects traces of illicit materials on shoes and is specially designed for airport security operations and unregulated security-sensitive spaces.

Delta R Shoe Scanner Concept

Seamless Flow, Smart Solution
  • Standoff Detection

    The reflection of light will do the job so there is no physical contact by man, dog or machine needed in any way.

  • Non-Invasive Screening

    The power density of the light source is reduced to such an extent that it is not hazardous or invasive for passengers or luggage.

  • 100% Screening

    Because screening happens at the speed of light, results are instantly available. 100% screening of passengers will not delay security processes.

  • Highly Sensitive

    The technology is extremely accurate and able to detect very low quantities of illicit materials with a low false alarm rate.

  • Autonomous Detection

    The shoe scanner is an autonomous solution with API to allow it to be integrated in existing user interfaces (GUI’s) for the most suitable process and best user experience.

  • Seamless Operation

    Other than power and signaling, there are no additional hardware or agents necessary for operation. This makes the solution smart in positioning and seamless in operation.

Stage Gate 11 Delta R Shoe Scanner

The statistics

Delta R is the best solution for the current situation
  • Excellent passenger experience
  • High Throughput
  • In-Line Operation

% of passengers scanned

Percentage of Pax Scanned

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